Modern Tribe Features Compendium

Cordoba: Guitar Loop Page, Filters with API Integration


Cordoba required a flexible and powerful set of taxonomies and filters to facilitate customer exploration of their product line, to quickly communicate the breadth and depths of their products, and to ensure an optimal user experience throughout the journey. The filters and taxonomies were a mix of manually entered content and data being pulled from their data feed via API to provide ease of maintenance and nimbleness for their marketing team. Variations in product-specific features were supported by a variety of visual and navigation queues, and the entire experience aligned with the simplicity and visual goals of the Cordoba brand.

Central Ticket Description

Setup the Guitars/Ukulele Loop page to display and filter post items.

Add additional "Featured" content above the loop grid/filters.

Family - Traditional | Cutaway & Electric
Style - Classical | Flamenco | Thinbody | Small Body | Crossover Neck | Left-handed
Construction - All-Solid Woods | Solid Top | Layered
Electronics - With | Without
Select - New | Most Popular | Good For Kids | Acoustic Pack | Limited Edition | Made in USA | Made in Spain
Country of Origin - USA | Spain

Card Count per page
Sort by - Price (high/low) | Alphabetical


Vision here is to setup a horizontal filter bar that will allow us to sort through the outlined facets defined by the client. You can see a small mockup/wireframe here:




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