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DealerWeb: Lead Generation Prototype


When we change to this we’ll need to provide a way for people to easily login and review their saved products. The best way we can do this is to allow the user to login with only an email address or Google oAuth. Since we are only collecting basic contact information and favorite products we don’t need to authorize or make a user enter their password.

We want to collect the minimum amount of information possible that will help our sales person qualify the lead. This information does not need to be captured all at once we can look to capture in different stages.

Favorited Products
Company Name
Brief description of project/space they are furnishing

Spaces Custom Post Type
We would like to propose a new custom post type called “Spaces” that will have one featured image plus short description. Under the featured image will be dynamic module with the products found inside the “Space”.

*Optional: We can use this opportunity to create a plugin similar to ThingLink to annotate the images for linking to products.

Spaces post type will also be eligible for the new “Save to Favorites” Module. This will allow the user to save spaces that they like for inspiration. The salesperson can use these as an idea for the style that the user prefers.

Loop pages will use the new Lookbook panels from It will include the ability to filter images by taxonomy.

These spaces can be created by Steelcase from HUB or by dealers in their own sites.

Favorited Items
Saving favorited items will encourage users to come back to the site using it as a discover and save tool. Since we only take the email on saving favorites we will then have a textarea above the saved boxes that will help us intake more information. Ex. Name, Company, Phone, Description of project, and any other information the dealers see fit.

Contacts Custom Post Type (CPT)
To save this information we will create a new CPT “Contacts”
In the contacts post type list content will include:
# of Projects
# GFs submitted
Date Created
Contact Single Post Admin
Avatar/profile (if applicable)
List of Projects
Description of project
List of Favorite products
List of Favorite spaces
GFs submitted (link to entries)
Client Notes

Central Ticket Description

As a dealer I want some great tools for Lead generation that will put better data collection processes in place with already existing CPTs.

Using the scope document found here:

We want to use the wireframe items to provide a design "prototype" for the dealers and stake holders to review. In the prototype we should have the following screens.

* Product page with "Favorite Product" module
** Popup of email/social login
* Spaces CPT Loop (see here:
* Spaces CPT Single (see wireframe)
* Contact Dashboard (see wireframe)
* Contact CPT Admin (see wireframe)


Our challenge on this project was to learn more about the actual use cases of DealerWeb users. We took key points that most of the users are B2B buyers and use DW to learn more about Steelcase products and offerings. They look for inspiration on planning and other key resources.


We built a solution that enabled users to save their favorite products and spaces to reference later. These saved items are stored within a "project" bucket.
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