Modern Tribe Features Compendium

DealerWeb: DealerWeb Network Query


User Story
As a Super Admin I want to get a better understanding of how settings and features are used across the multisite network.

We will build a tool that enables the aggregation of data and settings across the network per site. Giving us insight to the popular features, how much they are used and what settings might need support from their internal team.

Central Ticket Description

Hi Jonathan, Peter and I were able to put together a document for us to go ahead and create a network query on the items that are in this document. We are looking to see how many modules sites are running, site settings, and a number of other items. If you have any further questions let's have a call to go over this doc.



Build framework to outputs a CSV of data. Will be easily hookable so that new items can be added to the CSV very easily.
  • Industry:Retail
  • Types:Analytics, Forms, Google Analytics, Gravity Forms
  • Tags:Admin, Multisite, Network Query